DCS provides exceptional security!

It is really that simple. DCS is a security infrastructure solutions provider specialising in highly available, scalable, redundant and manageable turnkey solutions for all environments, ranging from in-house developed and manufactured products to integrated software and hardware solutions.

We are committed to recommending and implementing products and strategies proven to maximise security efficiency and minimise intrusion impact. Leveraging our best-practice expertise in surveillance, monitoring, cabling infrastructure, and best-of-breed supporting technologies, we can help to improve security efficiency and lower the impact and likelihood of a security breach.

DCS' complete discovery process helps us understand the unique security requirements of each environment allowing us to make informed recommendations and develop the best safe-guards and solution.

At DCS we therefore prefer to sit with our clients and conduct an assessment of the environment before we design and propose any solution, and our approach in short is:

Interviewing the client and reviewing the site, in order to find out more about the business and its operations.

Reviewing the existing security procedures and rules with the client help to identify improvements that can be made.

Defining the overall requirements, areas to monitor and why, the necessary levels of security. Another important aspect is the current infrastructure, such as existing equipment, available lighting, cabling, and camera mounting conditions. The site review helps to identify areas of interest, some of them often overlooked by the client.